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Assalamu Alaikum, Do you want to learn the Quran online with Tajweed from Professional & Qualified Hafiz?

You can start your journey into the world of knowledge with a series of lessons with We feel deeply honored and privileged to serve thousands of Muslim families globally with our commitment to Quality, Dedication, and Innovation.
Become a part of the vast community of Muslim families who cherish their journey in learning the Quran, Arabic, and Islamic Studies, all from the coziness of their homes, with complete satisfaction.

Why One-to-One?

  • lndividual attention for your child
  • A relaxed comfortable learning environment
  • Personalised enjoyable lessons
  • Frequent feedback forlearning
  • lmproving understanding notjust getting answers
  • Flexibility
  • Cost-efficiency cheaper in the long-term!

We believe that positive relationships are the key to unlocking the incredible potential every student has. To learn, students must first feel safe and understood. That’s why our approach is Love, Motivate, Teach. We first seek to understand the student and see them as an individual with the capacity to learn, which allows them to be a motivated learner. When students feel that level of care and attention, they have the space to be motivated, and that’s when real teaching can begin.

Every Child Can Learn, Just Not In The Same Way

We help students reach their full potential by -:

Considering the academic needs of children and their families as our number one priority
Personalizing every tutoring program to fit each child's individual needs
Using technology to drive and supplement instructional practices and student services
Providing the most up-to-date, ongoing professional development to all tutors on research-based strategies
Always upgrading our resources to provide the most recent research-supported trends as part of our tutoring programs

How do I attend Classes on Learntime?

Learn how you can attend one-on-one classes, tailor made to your requirements.


Request a Lesson

Tell us what you need help with. We will connect you with an experienced teacher, and set up the first lesson.


Attend the First Class

Attend the first lesson and get comfortable with the classroom. If you are not satisfied with the first lesson, the first lesson will not be charged


Enjoy Learning!

Once you are satisfied with the teacher, a weekly schedule will be set up at your convenience. The same teacher will continue taking classes on a weekly basis.


ElmulQuran offers online Quranic lessons led by exceptional educators from around the globe. Our innovative and user-friendly software enhances the e-learning experience. Our adept instructors specialize in teaching Arabic and Tajweed. For added benefit, we offer recorded lessons for students' review. We also accommodate female students with dedicated female teachers, ensuring classes are conducted with complete discretion and segregation.

Explore the range of online Quran courses we provide. Unsure about which course fits you best? No worries. A course advisor will organize a complimentary trial session with an appropriate instructor at a time that suits you. During this lesson, the teacher will gauge your proficiency. Based on their evaluation, they'll recommend the ideal course for you.

All you require for your online learning journey is internet connectivity and a headset. We utilize state-of-the-art software to make your e-learning experience enjoyable and straightforward. Our virtual classroom is equipped with a whiteboard and advanced video conferencing tools, enriched with essential features. Course resources, notes, books, and presentations are shared on this whiteboard. Additionally, students can easily download assignments and submit them back to their instructor.

We understand that you have various commitments, including work, family, and academics. If you're unable to attend a class due to these obligations, we'll happily reschedule a makeup session for you. However, please inform us a day in advance if you can't make it to a class.

Tajweed means the set of rules governing how the words of the Quran should be pronounced during its recitation.

Quran gives knowledge about all aspects of life and describes the relationship between humans and His Creator and our purpose of Life.

ElmulQuran is the best platform to learn the Online Quran from the comfort of your home. It will help you to create an impactful environment.